Drawings of Vernacular Homes Circa 1900

“Hi. My name is Anne Smith, aka Marguerite Turnley. I am a writer and an artist. I thought you might like to use these pictures on your website or to encourage drawing. They are from an old book called Inquire Within, which I have inherited.…These pictures are from old homes in many countries at the turn of the century. The pictures have been scanned from the old books and I thought you might find them useful..… Regards, Anne Smith”

2 Responses to Drawings of Vernacular Homes Circa 1900

  1. I am glad to see some people getting back to living in small houses like we used to do back in the day. There are so many good bulding solutions to choose from that our ancestors created from the natural world around them. I hope more people start getting back to these types of small houses.

  2. I wish she would have given us full pub info on the book. Do you have any idea how many old books are entitled "Inquire Within"?

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