Downsizing With Tiny Homes

“…The beginning of the real estate downturn was one of the biggest catalysts behind the small home movement, says Michael Janzen of Tiny House Design. People began facing the challenges they had in housing and affording houses.

   ‘A lot of people who are retired are looking at tiny homes as a way to downsize,” he said. ‘Younger people are interested in it as a way to get a foothold on homeownership, and a lot of people like the environmental aspect.’

   And, adds Janzen, not only do smaller homes cost less, you can also build a tiny home yourself. ‘It’s an empowering movement,’ he said.…

   While there are resources and plans to build your own tiny home, it’s also possible to buy one currently on the market.

   Above: Updated cottage: 2444 3rd Ave N, St Petersburg, $74,900. 560 square feet
Although it measures less than 600 square feet, this St. Petersburg home makes enough room for 2 bedrooms and a bath. The home is move-in ready with recent updates, including renovations to the kitchen and bathroom.”

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  1. Too bad land is so expensive and it seems cities aren't interested in letting people build tiny houses. I love the idea but the Small House Movement has a lot of uphill battles.

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