Debt-stressed Architect Builds Her Own Tiny Home

Update: See 1st comment below regarding inaccuracies in the referenced Huffington Post article and a link to Macy’s website.

For many people, living in a tiny home is a choice. But for architect Macy Miller, it was a necessity. At 27 years old, she found herself divorced, unemployed and in the process of foreclosure, which forced her to rent, leaving her without a space she could really call her own. She needed to make a change that would help her feel alive and also ease the burden of her debt. “I didn’t know how to find a solution to all this, but [these problems] sat in my mind for a while,” she told us.

Then in 2011, she woke up from a dream where she lived in a tiny house. At the time she had no idea that small living was actually a “thing.” She didn’t know there was a whole community of tiny dwellers that would help make this vision become a reality. “It didn’t occur to me that it had been done before — building a tiny house just made sense for me and for my situation, in every way…” Click here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here's what she has to say herself:
    Also, there was an article that mentioned me in an Oregon paper last week (you can see it here), I just wanted to briefly clear up some of those pieces mentioned, so the wrong idea isn’t conveyed. I am grateful for all of you who found my site through this article but I feel like I need to clarify because most of it just isn’t true.

    First, this project is not born out of debt or stress of any kind, I am one of the only debt free people that I know of at the moment.

    Second, I am not yet a registered architect, I am trained (masters degree) in architecture but I have 6 more tests to take before I get to call myself an architect.

    Third, I am not and have not been jobless, if anything I am over employed hence the slow forward motion with this project. I did however just step down from a position with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) in order to have more time to complete this project of mine.

    Fourth, while I was divorced, it’s been something like 6-7 years and that has absolutely zero bearing on this project.

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