Tiny Cabin, Giant View

Mike Basich was our #1 featured builder in Tiny Homes. Two weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal came out with an article on Mike and his cabin, written by Conor Dougherty, with 15 photos by Jason Henry. Mike’s got an old ski lift that he’s rebuilding so he can ride up and ski down. A remarkable guy. Article here.

Mike is very media-savvy and documented the construction of his cabin in this book called “The Making of a Dream, viewable here.”

4 Responses to Tiny Cabin, Giant View

  1. Anonymous says:

    beautiful. have always loved anything made with "rocks"…interesting write up in the paper.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good looking home. Not sure how stone homes are built but are rocks lined up with a wood frame until it's filled?

  3. bayrider says:

    The WSJ is one of the last great papers but unfortunately they didn't showcase the cabin very well, they used that image of the back side as the primary photo instead of showing the beautiful and impressive glass side.

    You did a much better job in Tiny Homes. Mike's place is my favorite tiny home for sure!

  4. izzit says:

    One neat thing about the WSJ article is that they said HOW he did/does it – how a guy who snowboards ended up a real-estate mogul with his vacation trips paid for. (Like, it's more helpful for young adults to know that Thoreau got some land lent to him by mentors, had visitors, went into town sometimes, and ended up in a tax dispute – that it wasn't all nuts&berries… )
    I imagine if in the 1990's Mike had gone and "gotten a REAL job", he would much farther behind (after two recessions!) Good article about following your bliss, and seeing opportunities, without being unrealistic.

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