The Mummy Returns—Berlusconi Runs Again

From an op-ed by Frank Bruni in Sunday’s NY Times, titled “The Mummy Returns:”

“…Oh, yes! He’s back! Although some of you may recall that Berlusconi retired from political life in late 2011, pledging not to seek re-election, he reassessed the situation in late 2012, realized that his hobbling country desperately needed him, and announced that he would pursue what would be a fourth stint in office, though he was doing so ‘at great personal sacrifice.’

…The opera of Italian politics provides endless amazement: how can people so good at living be so bad at government? It provides solace, too, enabling the aghast American to glance from Sarah Palin or Herman Cain to a theater of arguably greater absurdity, with an actor of unsurpassed shamelessness and self-delusion. We suffer much in this country, but we don’t suffer the likes of Berlusconi.…”

How about Donald Trump?

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9 Responses to The Mummy Returns—Berlusconi Runs Again

  1. Alex says:

    Lloyd. Donald Trump is an idiot, but no where near on the same scale as Belusconi, and Americans are stupid enough to think he's entertaining but not even remotely stupid enough to elect him president repeatedly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    "an actor of unsurpassed shamelessness and self-delusion. We suffer much in this country, but we don’t suffer the likes of Berlusconi.…"

    Haha – but we're bettah – we got the supreme dipshit obama!

    not to be outdone in stupidity – X2

  3. michael wilkerson says:

    Where, do you know of, that has good government?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Berlusconi remains popular in Italia where many people see him as a ''strong leader'' who could resolve the economic and financial crisis – and it's very disquieting. This man praises Benito Mussolini and has made an alliance with the Italian fascist party.
    Beppe Grillo – renowned populist comic – rifles 25 per cent of the votes and it's disquieting too. That is how confused and distressed Italian people have become.
    Same thing in Greece where there's a rise of fascism and xenophobia. Same thing in many European countries. People get poorer and reject austerity and right wing extremists parties go on surfing this grim wave.

  5. Anonymous says:

    HERMAN CAIN our clown. He was on the Federal Reserve Board.Why is our economy like Italy's.

  6. daltxguy says:

    There is no 'bad' if elected through a democracy. People get what they vote for or what they tolerate through inaction.

  7. Martin says:

    Politically, "We the people…" seem always to get what we deserve given that most of the voting population has been asleep for at least the past thirty years or so…

    Also, Lloyd – I hope you're not opting to 'do politics' on your blog with any frequency. Plenty of that elsewhere already.

  8. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Martin, Politics just when it crosses my radar. I posted this because of the line"… how can people so good at living be so bad at government? …" I do try to avoid politics because it's an endless morass, and I don't have time to get into ongoing debate. At the same time, my blog reflects what I run across out in the universe. See:

  9. Anonymous says:

    apologies up front, as i know little re politics, but from some rather basic perspective often heard in old folks homes, (all) politicians need troubled times, foreign wars, catastrophes, to bolster their profile/give reason for their actions/inactions.

    at times all politicians (to me) seem much like the previous post on this blog “Coping With Critters”….

    i dearly love all the wild critters…have to say even the mice and rats have some rather amazing qualities that do make me admire their cunning, skill, tenacity re their own and their species survival…but please God, not in my house…

    i much admire almost all wild creatures. often marvel at their skill and beauty. however, at a distance….

    even before this current post came up, i smiled at the “Coping With Critters”, and in my mind Quail333’s post, put me in mind of politics

    apologies to Quali333 for the paraphrase

    For all time there has been problems with (politicians) mice rats and squirrels trying to set up in rooms off my courtyard (trying to justify themselves by inserting themselves in individual lives) (benefit from individual lives) in a desert homestead with no domestic pets. What changed was that now I always put out the vegetable fruit and salad scraps in the same spot very day, the critters are now in the loop and they have stopped coming inside the rooms, just like that! (what changes this is putting the “scraps” far away, as in a real or manufactured war/crisis)…

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