"Tennessee Tiny Homes constructs 100-square-foot homes

“Joe Everson thinks small. How small? Try a 100 square foot home, on wheels. His new firm offers — for about $20,000 — to build to order a tiny home (essentially, an RV) for people who don’t need or want much space and value being mobile.” Click here.

2 Responses to "Tennessee Tiny Homes constructs 100-square-foot homes

  1. While the effort is commendable, I can't understand why I keep seeing these trailers built between the wheel wells instead of over them. The difference between 5½ feet wide, and 8 feet, is huge. Tiny is nice, but narrow is cramped, and going full width to the outside of the trailer wheels doesn't detract anything from the trailer's maneuverability or change the licensing provisions.

    Yes, you end up with a couple of wheel well steps inside, but that's just how it goes when you build on a vehicle frame. Construct a couch on one side and an entertainment center stand on the other.

    I still wish I had cut my bus down the middle and inserted six inches of width, making the total 8'6", the legal limit. That extra half-foot makes a ~huge~ difference!

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. That is a really cool and innovative idea. If I didn't already agree to live in green homes in Tennessee, I would certainly give this a try. I like how you can just pick and go whenever you want.

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