Stretching eBook Gets Big Award!

This is a big deal — what Rick (Gordon) has done here, that is. I’ve fended off doing various electronic versions of our powerhouse book Stretching (over 3-1/2 million sold) for over 10 years. We couldn’t find anyone to do what we wanted to do here, so Rick, our production chief and tech genius, did it himself. It’s just now out — for iPad & iPhones (not for any Amazon tablets).

Publishing Innovation Awards; Winner, Enhanced eBook: Stretching:

This longtime bestseller from Shelter Publications celebrates its 30th anniversary in print with this ebook edition that thoroughly realizes the platform’s potential, proving that a simple concept can be the basis of a vastly improved product through careful, intelligent use of the technology. Stretching excellently performed its task — going beyond the print edition to create an excellent ebook.”

-Publishing Innovation Awards.

Here is the list of winners. Avalon Publisher Bill Newlin wrote us:

“A belated congratulations on this award!  It really is a big deal, particularly since the Enhanced Ebook category had the stiffest competition by far, including an entry from Workman and movie tie-ins from Disney and Harper Collins.  Truly a victory for integrity and craftsmanship, you should be very proud.”

 Stretching eBook available here: If you happen to purchase it and truly think it’s wonderful, it’d be great if you posted a review in the iBookstore and on GoodReads

3 Responses to Stretching eBook Gets Big Award!

  1. Paula says:

    For Iphone? I feel as though you did this JUST for me. I'm heading out to the AT on March 11, and the only reading device I'm bringing is the iPhone! Bought and installed on the phone!

  2. Lloyd Kahn says:

    It turns out that adding an unlisted book to GoodReads needs to be done by someone with Librarian status (having 50+ books in their shelves). If anybody wants to take that on, the ISBN number is 9780936070605, and contact Lloyd for any needed info.

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for share...

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