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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks ! this blog is full of magnificent, wide-size cabin's pictures !

    about the stone barns in these mountains (border France/Spain) : recently, a similar barn was sold for 50,000 euros (66 665 dollars) – space : 323 sq ft, land : 5382 sq ft.
    many old barns are sold at exorbitant prices and obtain building permit in a very curious and magical way. High housing speculation !

  2. Anonymous says:

    the tiered gable is called ''bird's step gable'' (in french) or ''pënau'' (local dialect).
    in the past, the roof was thatched with straw – so, the tiers protected the walls and prevented the straw from falling.
    Cow and sheep farmers kept hay for their animals in these barns (meadows were scattered in the mountains and every one had its own tiny barn).
    These barns are situated in the Garbet river valley, the ''Valley of the Americans'' (in the middle of 19th century, many displayers of bears immigrated to USA) :

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