Sinatra While Driving Along Coast Last Night

Drove along the coast last night to meet my running friends. I don’t mean to go on about my new Honda Fit, but sheesh! I can’t believe that such a relatively inexpensive little car handles and corners and rides like this. No, I have not been hired by Honda to say these things.

Probably partly due to 40 years of driving trucks, this is like dancing along the road. Spiffy. Plus my neighbor Chick, who has eclectic taste in music (previously turned me on to J.B.Hutto and the Hawks and gospel singer Dorothy Love Coats), gave me “Sinatra — ’57 In Concert,” and it made for a great cruise along the ocean.

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  1. Owl says:

    A lot of the little cars on the market now seem to be really well made. I remember my first experiences of the original mini. Good fun, but no room (especially for a big bloke like me) and the thought of a collision in one was a horrible thought. I was wondering why I hadn't heard of the Fit over here, it turns out it is called a Jazz in our part of the world. I know a few people who have had one, they all seem well pleased with their choice.

    I am just getting used to a smaller car again, I think with the addition of a tow bar and small trailer it should do a great many of rough and ready tasks my old estate used to do.

    Good to know you are enjoying the pleasures of the road in a smaller & lighter way!

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