Shipwrecked While Sailing Around the World

“Rimas Meleshyus was born on Russia’s Black Sea some 60 years ago. In 1988 he escaped the Soviet Union through the American Embassy in Moscow. Living in America he discovered sailing, and recently he’s set off on some very ambitious small-boat cruises.

   In June 2012 Rimas crossed the challenging Gulf of Alaska in an old San Juan 24 (generally considered a near-shore weekender). The tumultuous voyage included striking a whale, a harrowing capsize, and his nearly being run down by a freighter.

As a result of the near collision, Rimas didn’t sleep for three days, trying to stay alert for shipping traffic. A month into his journey, 50 miles from Unalaksa, the groggy skipper struck a reef. After trying in vain for several hours to free the boat, he fell asleep. When we woke many hours later he was beach in remote Sarana Bay.…”

More detailed story here

4 Responses to Shipwrecked While Sailing Around the World

  1. Stuck on a reef, and when you can't get yourself off, you fall asleep?? Heh!

  2. Anonymous says:

    well, he seems like a nice fellow, an interesting fellow…. with a hope and a dream….. it would be heartwarming to hear if he eventually contrives a way to complete his goal. too often hopes and dreams fall to mundane everyday life..

  3. bayrider says:

    I knew a guy years ago who escaped from the USSR by windsurfing from Yugoslavia to Italy. He went on to become a successful custom sailboard builder and racer. A very competent and impressive guy.

    Rimas gets major kudos for escaping and being fearless but he should probably work on his boat skills!

  4. Anonymous says:

    bayrider.. nicely put… yes, i too believe anyone with the wit and enginuity as shown above may yet accomplish one more hope. boat skills too would be good…grin.

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