Rebuilding Tiny Log Cabins in Iowa

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  1. I especially liked all the stuff this guy found in the houses he was tearing down, like the old Norwegian newspaper, or the child's leather shoe. Great story.

  2. BCKRVUE says:

    Paul has exposed just some of the secrets of life in the drift less region of north east Iowa. A hundred years ago nearly every deep valley in these parts had a pristine trout stream running through it. The early homesteaders constructed beautiful, well built homes from the natural resources that were available. Whether it was limestone from the nearby bluffs or oak, walnut or locust logs harvested from the hillsides. So, when your looking for inspiration or you just need a change from the coast look us up when you can take the time for cross country tour. open invite.

  3. I LOVED WATCHING AND HEARING HIM TALK OF WHAT HE LOVES TO DO. yeah…I live in a house that is also reclaimed logs that were in a house in 1750 and we kept the logs exposed on the outside as well. My question is why did he cover up those logs on the outside? SOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL to see the logs on the outside. yeah, I can see him wanting it to be "just like it was when it was new"….but to expose the logs, oh my….way more beautiful. thanks for showing this.

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