Our Bantam Chicken Flock

Golden Seabright and two Silver Seabright bantams, our little beauties. Getting about a dozen eggs a day now. Both bantam chickens and their eggs are about half-size of full size chickens.

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  1. gary green says:

    llody, love your chickens.i like the sounds they make when they are happy. i like hang out with them.your fan gary

  2. Anonymous says:

    These ARE Beauties. Myself, i could see me spending time just watching them. We have a good bunch of wild birds visit our back yard, including pheasant, and it is sould satisfying to watch…

    I'm thinking eventually these ones will make it to the oven? Such beautiful feathers, maybe you could sell them. Read something where someone was raising chickens with beautiful feathers, just to slaughter and sell for the feathers.

  3. Richard says:

    Beautiful birds, Lloyd. We keep bantams in our back garden (Leicsester UK), and while they may not be the 'friendliest' of birds, there really is something unique about their size and personality. We have also hatched birds and had them imprint upon our children who they then follow around everywhere, one insisting on sitting on my daughter's shoulder while she watches TV. And while the eggs might be small, they are like golden treasures. Well done and thanks for your amazing blog – we love it. Richard

  4. Anonymous says:

    well, as it happens, i dont use the "stuff", but i suspect some of your readers may take advantage of a green thumb to source organic "stuff"…

    for those wondering what to do with the bits leftover, science now has an answer…—- raise a few Chickens / Pigs / Ducks…

    apparently the critters flourish – happily…


  5. Anonymous says:

    hi Lloyd, ran accross this on raising backyard quail. thought it might interst..


  6. Anonymous says:

    Your chicken's are beauties, Lloyd. Am sure they would come out in top in a beauty pagent…grin…

    However, have to admit, this is the first time I have heard of

    The Curious World of Chicken Beauty Pageants


  7. Anonymous says:

    here's a giveway, to add to your flock/coop


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