Lloyd's Photos in Lucky Peach's "Apocalypse" Issue

In November I got an email from Peter Meehan, who, along with David Chang, is co-editor of Lucky Peach, a quarterly foodie magazine published by McSweeney’s. They were doing an “apocalypse” issue and wondered if I had off-the-grid photos they could use.

   A few months later, Christine Boepple, an LA-based writer, came up and went through about 10,000 thumbnails (in binders) of my photos.

   Here’s the result, just out in the magazine. Kinda strange for me, having someone else do layout of my photos. I ended up liking what they did. The shelter stuff they chose is all pretty funky. Also pics of food from the wild and garden, preserves, roadkill furs, and kitchens from both our homestead and other places I’ve been.

   PDF of the 6-page article here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My Lucky Peach just came in the mail, and I was reading it at the breakfast table this morning. Your pics are great- too bad they didnt let you write a bit, too.
    The whole issue is pretty funny- recipes for brains, in case you become a zombie, foraging by foods by amateurs evaluated by real foragers, and jellyfish recipes.


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