How Much Can You Fit in a Fit?

This just in from my friend Peter Kohlsaat, fisherman, diver, cyclist and fellow Baja adventurer, now living on the shores of Lake Superior:

“Hey Lloyd,

We got a Fit, 2008. Only new car I’ve ever bought.(Couldn’t find any decent used Toyota Corolla wagons.)
In the advertiser brochure, they picture the Fit with an alpaca in it, and if I had one, I’m certain that I could put one in it. It is an amazing car. We took it on a two-week RoadTrip! from Minneapolis out and around Utah/Colordo/mts. Camping. All that camping crap (and we don’t travel light), everything fit. It holds more than our Subaru Forester. And we drove it where it definitely shouldn’t be driven. But it went. And it drives like a little Go Kart. Put a roof rack on it, and drive it back to Baja. I’m sure you could figure out a way to live in it.

 -Peter (Kohlsaat)”

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Love this post! The "original" tiny home .. live in it! Now I want one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For people concerned about safety and structural integrity of the Honda Fit, I recently saw an older model at a body shop. It collided with another car and even though the body suffered cosmetic damages, the box protecting the passengers was still perfectly in place. No dents or anything. I even asked one of the mechanics about the damage and he said he was very impressed with a small car being able to withstand the impact.

    These cars just make sense. It's fun to drive, efficient, very reliable and durable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear about the structural safety of a Fit…We should all do a commercial for Honda (wonder if they would pay us?)..few yrs back I was sitting stopped at a red light. a truck crashed into a car, and car crashed into front of my Honda Van… Both other vehicles were totalled…ambulance took drivers off.. I was really shook,easily could see blood pouring down face of driver, as I sat there with no where to go, and watched the devastation happen, crash into me…Had to slowly realize that I didnt actually seem hurt, shut vehicle off, got out , went to bench to wait. Figured there was huge damage to my vehicle..
    Fireman came and got my keys, to see if they could move my vehicle, before the tow truck got there, as they were all sure it was toast…
    Well, it moved fine.. I went and looked at it, somehow there was little damage on front of mine…Some Good Impact Design. Police and Fire were concerned when I said I would drive it home, but couldnt see anything wrong..I drove the few blocks. When i got it fixed, mostly cracks/scratchs/paint damage on front..

    Well, as I say, must be some good impact design on these Hondas.. (still drive the van)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hondas are great! I had one of the first in the State of Delaware from the first dealer to carry them. At that time I used to put about 2,000 miles a month on my vehicles. The Dealer called my car "Delaware Test Car One- if she can break it- no one can!" I drove it for about two years and traded it in for another Honda, the mileage was excellent and I never had to get anything fixed. Then my company gave me a company car and my problems began. Over the years I have driven so may makes of cars but give me a Honda or a Toyota and I'm happy.

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