Fox and Weasel Skins

Skinning roadkill animals is such a win-winner. Rather than left to rot, the skins can be rendered like this. I skin the animal, tack it down (pushpins) while stretching it, fur side down, on piece of plywood. Then I cover it with salt so no skin is visible. In about a week I remove the salt, roll it up, and ship it to Bucks County Fur Products in Quakertown, PA. In about 6 weeks, UPS delivers a beautiful tanned skin. Ooops! Haven’t I said all this before?

   Shown are 2 weasels, and a fox with a thick glossy coat; fur seems best in the cold season, when their coats are maxed out. I need another fox or two and then my friend Louie and I are going to make me a fur coat. Fur inside. Roadkill coat. I like that.

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  1. Alderrr says:

    Have you ever eaten the meat? A few years ago I wrote an article about eating roadkill raccoon (spoiler: it was delicious).

    You can read the article here:

  2. Brad Kik says:

    Those are beautiful, and it's a great idea to harvest roadkill. I'm concerned about the pollution caused by chemical tanning, though. Is Bucks County Fur Products somehow better in that regard? I'd love to find a place to send deer hides and other animal skins.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That's awesome! Say hello to Louie for me!

  4. Jess Mink says:

    If you want to go a step further check out deerskins into buckskins ( It's a great book on tanning with emulsified fat and smoke. It focuses on fur off tanning, but if I recall correctly it's got a bit about fur on as well.

    All the home tanners I know swear by it.

  5. Dennis says:

    I second what Jess Mink said! Here's a great how to article:

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