Climate Change/Global Warming

New Yorker Letters to Editor, February 4, 2013

“Eric Klinenberg, in his article on how New York City might cope with intensifying climate change, makes the valuable point that improving physical infrastructure—burying electrical lines and erecting sea walls, for example—is necessary but insufficient…. Robust social infrastructure and tightly knit communities are also vital. My interviews with scores of government officials, planners, scientists, and activists in various countries suggest that the most important elements of social infrastructure are the political, cultural, economic, and civil beliefs and practices that shape the way that societies address public issues.

   The Dutch lead the world in climate-change adaptation largely because their history and geography move them to elevate the common good over individual interests; to regard government—and the taxes that fund it—as a reliable tool rather than as a hapless oppressor; and to respect science, even when it clashes with ideological or economic preferences. The best adaptation plans in the world won’t much help New York City—or any other place—if the United States cannot leave climate denial behind, mobilize the government to implement strategies, and, above all, halt global warming before adapting to it becomes impossible.”

Mark Hertsgaard
Fellow, New America Foundation

Washington, D.C.

7 Responses to Climate Change/Global Warming

  1. Anonymous says:

    This writer makes many good points. One which especially strikes me …
    "Robust social infrastructure and tightly knit communities are also vital."
    Yes, somehow, i feel this may be most important…If this is in place, groups will encourage/insist on Agencies/Government doing the best it can. If this is in place, these groups will finds ways to help each other / persevere / innovate even if Agencies/Government are not sensible/realistic.

    Too, there are many types of "Robust Social Infrastructure and Tightly Knit Communities".

    Blogs like Lloyd's bring together groups of folks who are interested in/attracted to his Intuitive Living/Books/Assessments/Commonsense. Not everyone is. (Seriously, hard to believe, I know..grin)..

    Folks who are, (here) do form a sort of Social Infractructure and Community…People who read here/write here do have much in common…if only a "questioning attitude"….

  2. Anonymous says:

    how is the surgery healing? Here is an interesting article.

  3. michael says:

    Global warming is not proven, follow the money!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Michael …. "follow the money" … where do you see the money trail lead?

  5. ercanj says:

    Let's not forget that 20% of the Dutch land mass is below sea level and 50% is less than a meter above sea level. Fear and a clear concept of what you stand to lose is a pretty good motivator.

  6. Lloyd Kahn says:

    To the 1st Anonymous, above: I like the idea that this blog is a sort of social infrastructure of people who have much in common…

  7. Anonymous says:

    What kind of dumbasses would build at or below sea level?

    Seems that one would by necessity need to learn (and learn quickly) about keeping water out – and the idiocy of living there. If a culture of industry existed.

    Or one could just adopt a narlens party attitude.

    Hapless oppressor?
    Good grief.

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