Boogie Woogie Sunny Sunday Morning

Pinetop Perkins playing boogie woogie now. Years ago I walked by the Sweetwater bar in Mill Valley and there was a sign saying “Tonight — Pinetop Perkins.” Yeow! I was there. He was in his ’80s, slim, wearing a purple suit with lavender tie. It was rare, like getting a chance to see Muddy Waters (who he played with). He flirted with the ladies. “Put on your high-heel sneakers, wear your wig hat on your head.…”

  Last night saw Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie. I loved it. A bit overlong, but very enjoyable. Sly tongue in cheek plot w. references to the old Bond movies. Great photography, stylish graphics, good acting. Now here’s a good mainstream American movie.

  Such great stuff now coming in for our new book on 20th century nomadics. It’s kinda like I’m a spectator watching all these great stories, adventures and photos come in. Book as living organism.

This Delta radial arm saw must be 50 years old. Bought it used in the ’70s. Has worked flawlessly ever since. American made. At left is a Back Revolution machine, sold by Stretching Inc. Use to invert and stretch spine. You hang upside down by yr. hips.

Time to venture out into the day. This afternoon, old friend Don Manoukian coming by. Don played for the Oakland Raiders in the late ’50s, was a professional wrestler known as “The Bruiser.” From a big Reno Armenian family, his mom was a great cook.


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  1. Gill says:

    Lloyd, is the figurine of dancers you and the Mrs?

  2. Lloyd,

    I live in Austin–so did Pinetop. He was still kickin' it live on the ivories all the time here mostly at Antone's until March 2011 when he moved on up. Everyone treated him as an elder statesman but he could still boogie until the end!

    It's wasn't unusual to catch him on stage with players like Gary Clark Jr. Evidently when Jr. was 15 he jammed with Pinetop and that sold him on chasing the blues.

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