3 Responses to Wooden Spoons in UK by Barn the Spoon

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well then…art/beauty/skill/useful…all in one. I looked over his spoons/read a bit on his site…I am torn between yearning for a set of his various hand carved spoons to use… Somehow there is "life" in those spoons he puts his craft in to..and one thinks it must add to what is prepared. However.. torn as I say.. thinking maybe one would just display such skill… But,I bet he makes them to be used.

  2. Robin Wood says:

    Nice to see my mate Barn on your blog Lloyd, his spoons are absolutely designed to be used. In fact you can't properly design or appreciate a spoon unless you use it. If you don't use spoons to eat or cook they are not spoons they are spoon shaped art and that is a very different thing and actually much easier to do.

  3. lee woo says:

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