Turning Oil Tanker Trucks Into Homes

This has got to be a joke, right? https://shltr.net/oilhome

Can you imagine anything more creepy? Oil? Oil?

11 Responses to Turning Oil Tanker Trucks Into Homes

  1. Richard says:

    Hm. It's a problem when your tires leak enough air to put the whole thing off level. Better use some jack stands…

  2. There seems to be no shortage of people with computer graphics skills and active imaginations willing to whip up any sort of alternative housing that looks like it might attract attention. My suggestion would be to ignore the most implausible and concentrate on examples that have actually been built and lived in.

  3. QUAIL333 says:

    It's a 'Trojan Horse' for urban insurrection, turn this one over to Sugar Ray Kelley!

  4. http://www.dobbertinhydrocar.com/Dobbertin%20Surface%20Orbiter.html

    Not as crazy as it would appear. This resourcefull fellow made his out of a milk transport tank.

  5. I think Huey Lewis said it best:

    "Sometimes bad is bad"

  6. Anonymous says:

    Not an old Oil Tanker…
    but, rebuild of a 1969 Dodge Chinook
    and pretty snazzy…

  7. you could park it a truck stop.let the lot lizzards fly.

  8. what's with the naked lady? i guess the house in an oil tank isn't eye catching enough?

  9. MoreforLes says:

    I remember when the DSO was first launched, interviees on some morninh show…. and some time latter that it was sold to a university in the UK… buyt apparently it was to a private collector here in the states…
    Was hoping to see it on the road some day… or something similar andwish I hade the talent, time, tools, money and space build something like it

  10. Anonymous says:

    They're not that big inside and you would die from the heat

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