Tiny Texas Houses' Recycled Airstream Project

Greetings Lloyd and Team,

My name is Heath Redding and I work with…Tiny Texas Houses. I wanted to inform you of our Kickstarter that we have just launched! We are taking our houses to the road and building the first Tiny Texas Roadhouse. The kickstarter we have set up is to help fund the tutorial video series that we want to release explaining the whole construction process. Our plan is to post these videos online so everyone can have access to them and do-it-themselves.
I wanted to kindly ask if you might post the information on your blog to help spread the word and get this project viral. We have some really cool ideas for this whole endeavor so please check out our kickstarter page!

God Bless and all the best!

Heath Redding

Here is a link to the kickstarter page:

(Tiny Texas Houses was featured in Tiny Homes; the cover photo of the book was one of their projects.)

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