Nostalgia for the Hippie Building Heyday

“…The creative explosion ignited by the back-to-the-land builders of the 1970s was memorialized by many photographers, most notably Art Boericke and Barry Shapiro, who produced a best-selling book, Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher’s Art. In centuries to come, historians will probably note that the era of the hippie builder was the last chapter of a century-long period in American history — namely, the closing of the American frontier.”

Thanks to Mike Litchfield for heads up on this article.

3 Responses to Nostalgia for the Hippie Building Heyday

  1. Shelter remains my favorite all time book. I re read it just about every other month. It has been a great inspiration for the past thirty years! Thank you for that gift. Frank

  2. My copy of Handmade Houses is getting very dog-eared now but has given me untold inspiration over the years. If only I'd discovered Shelter earlier on…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed reading the contributions to the link very much! Nice fellowship.

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