2 Responses to Liberty Tools - Huge Selection Used Tools in New England

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great ! Old tools are so beautiful.
    My dad loved carving and making furniture, he worked both wood and metal and was a wonderful craftsman. He used to create himself his own tools (hand made artefacts !)
    His workshop is full of chisels, planes and saws. Everything carefully sharpened and orderly hanged right there. Since his death, everything has remained exactly the same and I love going to that room. Tools are full of a very rich and creative life and it is as if Dad is still here.

  2. Good man ! Wish his tool shop was somewhere near me.
    Yup I got my Dads tool box in the shed, and go to see it – Him when I get stuck, and see if there is any help in there. Tools hold ghosts IMO.Well used tools have had lots of human contact, just like any antiquie or old house.

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