Gringo Sailing Little Proa (Catamaran) Along Gulf Coast of Mexico, Central America

“Two days ago was the most dramatic day yet. I saw a breakwater at the mouth of a river after a nasty afternoon´s pounding and waited outside in the crazy water near the sandbar whilst some fishermen in a lancha hauled a net from the muddy water, then I waved them over to ask for advice on entering. They were amazed at my appearance (I get this a lot) but took it in their stride and showed me which side of the entrance was best, and off I went. The waters rose, and after a short while we had launch commit, there was no turning back. I wish I could have filmed this, but the battery on the Go-Pro headcam had died and my hands were too full to hold another camera as we heaved inwards, the seas rising and breaking behind, me surfing at warp factors that would have had Scotty bitching about his engines again, the rudder hissing and throwing a tail of spray up behind us, me pulling on the tiller like mad to stop us slewing sideways under the brown wall chasing us. Then a mad crosswave struck and the boat went under the next breaker, but both hulls burst forth immediately and charged on , then the same thing  again, this time the emergency paddle is ripped from its lashings but hung on by a thread, and my sunglasses were gone but suddenly we were passed the worst and into calmer water and the lancha catches up and its pop-eyed crew say something like Jesus motherfucking Christ mate! and before I reach the pretty little town I am famous, the Gringo who came in from the cold.…”

Sent by Godfrey Stephens

3 Responses to Gringo Sailing Little Proa (Catamaran) Along Gulf Coast of Mexico, Central America

  1. Dude ! Thats sound awesome
    Sounds like Godfrey is off on an adventure ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    His word choice illustrates what a class act he is.
    No class

  3. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Word choice?
    No class?
    Lighten up.

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