Fishing Cabin

Look what was in this morning’s email, from Jerry Young. What a beauty! And moreover, it’s by architects (Miller Architects, Montana). Will wonders never cease? (Check out the red door on the interior of this place.) (I bet the architects have seen the Madonna Inn in Southern Calif.)

More pics of this place at Tiny House Swoon, which has v. tasty photos of tiny homes.

Red skies yesterday morning did indeed mean sailors’ warning, for there’s so much cloud cover this morning it didn’t get light until 7AM. Hoping for some good rain. (So are mycelia.)

Música de día: I just put on Steve Cropper‘s album “Dedicated,” where he collaborated with a bunch of singers. Check out these 3: “Dedicated to the One I Love” with Lucinda Williams; “Right Around the Corner”/Delbert McClinton; “Say It”/Bettye La Vette. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this album before, but I just rediscovered it. My kinda guitarist. Great way to start the day…

Things are poppin around here right now…

4 Responses to Fishing Cabin

  1. Now that is a really great cabin! Thanks for posting such good stuff.

  2. Justin says:

    Tiny House Swoon link is a tad messed up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Miller Architects,…..WOW,….total eye candy. A little kitsch here and there, probably due to the clients but generally kickass homes.
    Thanks for the tip.

  4. Cabins and tiny houses are like sanctuaries. Whether you want to rest awhile from the busy city or experience rural living, they just provide simplicity that you can't resist. And this here is one artistically done cabin. You always post awesome stuff, Lloyd. I enjoy visiting your blog! Chassidy Bednarz

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