Dobbertin Surface Orbiter: Stainless Steel Amphibious Vehicle/Boat

Howard Huges has left a new comment on your post “Turning Oil Tanker Trucks Into Homes” (here):

Not as crazy as it would appear. This resourceful fellow made his out of a milk transport tank.”

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  1. Mark E says:

    That is pretty cool!

  2. I have pictures of this from various custom car mags in the early 80s. His twin turbo-ed and supercharged Chevy Nova was a work of art.

    Dunno about living in a tanker though…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I saw this parked at the Petersen Auto Museum in LA a couple of years ago. Not sure if it is in their collection, or it was just visiting.


  4. MoreforLes says:

    I remember seeing the morning show when he was interviewed and when it was first launched… I had lost track of it and then caught up with it again when it was sold….

    I was hoping he would build a second one, using the same ideas, but he went on to do another amphibious car instead.

    I always wished I had the time, money and skill to do something similar to that but…. have found a compromise… hoping to modify a minivan with a raised roof, and lowered floor, which would give me the interior space I want and tow a small cargo trailer behind…

    It will be no where near the level or capabilities of the Earth Trek (Surface Orbiter) but would be more than adequate to do some loops around the US.

    If and when I finish it, I would like to consider doing another with an electric conversion…. possibly solar panels on the roof and/or cargo trailers roof to extend the range a little or for use in long term stays in more remote locations…

  5. It is destined to travel up and down the Vegas Strip, covered in LED's and full of little people dressed up in Elvis Nudie suits. Maybe even have Liberace as the "Chaufer".

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