Snowboarders Survive 2 Nights On Mt. Rainier

I should complain about getting lost for a few hours in the rain: “A pair of snowboarders who spent two nights on Mount Rainier after getting trapped in a blizzard Sunday hiked off the volcano in snowshoes this afternoon – hungry, cold and tired but uninjured.

Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale, each in their early 20s, made it down to Paradise about 3:30 p.m.… the two snowboarders…were carving turns down from Camp Muir Sunday afternoon when a heavy storm forced them to halt their descent. They did not have overnight gear or extra food, save a few crackers, but immediately began preparing to hunker down for the night. ‘They are extraordinarily fortunate,’ Bacher said. ‘This is a case where something went wrong, but from that point on they did everything right. They didn’t compound the situation by making poor decisions.’ The two boarders called 911 and dug a snow cave near a freshwater spring not far from the southern end of the Paradise Glacier and used their snowboards to block its entrance and keep 70 mph winds at bay. They kept themselves warm and dry and did not move around.…”

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