Maestro Irish Spoon Player

This just came in from England, a bit of London cheer on a rainy wet Wednesday AM:

Hi Lloyd,

Thought you would enjoy this amazing dude playing the spoons to Faithless’ “Insomnia.” He is an English street person but has amazing presence and seems to spread a bit of joy wherever he turns up.

   I have found a few vids of him in various cities links collected together on my blog here.

   Cheers Robin (Wood)

I learned to play the spoons, also the musical saw, from an eccentric old guy, Holger Christiansen, in the (ulp!) late ’40s. He was caretaker on my dad’s rice farm in Colusa, Calif., and also built a foot-powered organ and carved his own violin. In the last part of this video, the guy is talking to me: “Now that be a lesson to you, young man, when you think you can play the spoons…”

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  1. Aficionados of musical tableware will also enjoy the exploits of the Pacific Northwest's own Artis the Spoonman:

  2. PhilM says:

    really lovely!

  3. Anonymous says:

    He's actually Irish . .

  4. Michelle says:

    Love spoon players! There used to be a great one, Mr. Spoons, in the NYC subway. Haven't seen him in years, but we still have the 'Saw Lady'

  5. Jack Stub says:

    There are few things as satisfying as seeing musicians totally devoted to their craft, lost in the music. From Yo Yo Ma to this homeless man on the spoons, it gives nearly everyone joy to watch people float away when lost in their art.

    This man made me smile and livened my day. Great post.

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