Love the Rain

About 4″ in the last 4 days. Creeks rushing, reservoirs pretty full. Can it be that there is some good news in these messed up times? I have about 18″ of rain this year, about a third more than normal. Caused me to dial up Toots singing “Love the Rain.”

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  1. Owl says:

    Nice to hear the landscape is coping with the rain in your part of the world. We are saturated over here in the uk. I renovated our septic system by putting in a new drain field last spring (with more than a little help from your book and local regulation guidance), it was working perfectly but the ground is now completely swamped & of course the system is full of surface water. So boxing day involved a hefty DIY session to build a small composting loo to keep us going until the water levels go down. Again the SSOM was a great help.
    Hope you and your visitors get to enjoy the rain and are avoiding such problems.

  2. Gill says:

    Here on the other American coast (Southern Michigan)we're enjoying our first significant snow fall, and its beautiful!

    @ Owl, Boxing day is when you "box up" the gifts you got for Christmas and take them back to the store right? 😉 At least that's what my Canadian Dad always says.

    @Lloyd, Ann Peebles may beg to differ on your musical selection, but I dug the Toots song you linked to.

    Merry I'm happy it's Ho Ho Over…


  3. Anonymous says:

    Lloyd, with just a little luck, Marin could become as sun-free as Portland:

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