Housing Proposal For Homeless in London

“How can a city add affordable apartments to a neighborhood with no room for new buildings? London architects Levitt Bernstein recently won a Building Trust competition with their new solution: pop-up modular homes inside unused parking garages.

    In Hackney, a low-income neighborhood in northeast London, it’s less and less common for residents to own cars. Public transportation has improved in the city, and cars are expensive. Rows of garages sit empty, making the streets look lifeless and encouraging crime.

    The design calls for pre-fab units that slip easily into unused garages and become temporary homes for homeless Londoners. The simple construction of the homes will become part of an apprenticeship program, giving some residents the unique opportunity to help build their own homes.…” HereFrom Rick Gordon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great idea. Let's save urban and country space which is so precious ! Many homeless refuse to go in emergency centers, just for one short night, because of violence and robbery. There are no safe and private rooms, no shelter for their dogs. It's a good thing that architects build safe homes. What about re-using empty office buildings ? In Paris, empty office buildings = 1 million sq ft. Companies speculate in them.

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