German Dumpsters Turned Into Living Containers

“German designer Philipp Stingl has fashioned homes for the homeless out of dumpsters. They’re actually pretty nifty, too. They have locks, trash disposal systems, even a little sewage system. Sure, they’re not spacious, but if they’re your only alternative — if you’re homeless, but also if you’re just trying to hide from marauders after the coming ecopocalypse — they seem reasonably cozy.”


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  1. owl says:

    Designer dumpsters, surely there are better ways this man could help a worldwide issue rather than treating it so lightly.

  2. Luc says:

    I hope people realize this is an art project meant to stir up discussion about the increase of the elderly in the population, and poverty among them…

  3. Anonymous says:

    A modern day Jonathan Swift. Well done.

  4. I don't think the elderly would want to live in these but I can see lots of young people thinking this would be a cool way to live. But its great that he is at least working on housing issues for the homeless and elderly.

  5. Small Hobbitty houses are one thing, but this is what we are supposed to aspire to? The whole idea of living in a trash can is depressing and in fact demeaning, so it certainly does work to stir up discussion. Pretty nifty indeed, if you see yourself as trash.

  6. Tom says:

    Hi there.
    Just trying to get the facts about this dumpster project right, so I read an interview with Stingl re his project.

    He is a design student and wanted to exaggerate the discussion in Germany (!!) regarding the future of the social/welfare system here.
    It is NOT about providing "homes" for the homeless or poor.

    Many people have a rather bleak outlook regarding the future state of the social/welfare system and its future incapacity (not enough employed paying into it to provide for the ones it needs to support) to provide the means for proper housing/life to the no-longer employed elderly people.

    There is a new German expression for this:
    "Alters-Armut" meaning "elderly – poverty", which could lead to people actually living in dumpsters, something the system is supposed to avoid,

    The US doesn´t have this "problem" or discussion, because it doesn´t have a providing welfare system such as Germany.

  7. Anonymous says:

    it reminds me of a similar work that I saw 3 years ago on the bank of a river where some micro-architectures were opened to visitors.
    There were some strange ''life systems for homeless people and other urban nomads'', built by Winfried Baumann, another german artist.
    Those carts make you feel ill at ease (just like a survival tent, a hospital stretcher or worse !) Pictures on :

  8. Anonymous says:

    design ??? I don't think so. Designers create things that are both beautiful – useful – and serially produced for the great majority of people.
    those dumpsters are only a provocative way to discussing (I agree with Amsterdam's blogger Jeoren Beekmans who recommends Philipp Stingl their designer to work a bit more on his story !!)
    On this Dutch blog, you can discover a very interesting open-source concept for housebuilding. Anyone can contribute designs, download models and assemble the components. Beautiful and useful !

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