Customized Bikes From Recycled Parts

From Kevin Kelly on CoolTools:

Bicycle Builders Bonananza

“A fun and detailed guide to hacking unusual bicycles from old bike parts. With a bit of welding here and there you can take castoff bicycles and repurpose them in dozens of imaginative ways. Here are notes for customizing choppers, tandems, unicycles, and crazy stunt bikes with frames found at the dump. How to strip down a bike to its useful components, and what to keep in mind as you modify its design and performance. “

2 Responses to Customized Bikes From Recycled Parts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Check out The Reno Bike Project

    And Coco's Variety Store in L.A. refurbishinging/recycling bicycles as a business

    Bob Patterson
    fernley, NV

  2. I love the idea of building your own bicycle from older, unused parts! It reminds me of a totally upcycled bike I saw on TechXchange: Maybe you'd ride a Skycycle, but would you ride a cardboard bike??

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