1961 Morris Minor Outside Trouble Coffee Sunday Morning

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The design work for the Morris Minor began in 1941, but the first running edition was in 1947. here is a link to the Morris minor history– http://www.filegarden.com/ncbcc/MorrisMinorHistory.htm

  2. The specimen picture above is of the post-1956 "Minor 1000" variety. The single-piece windscreen is the giveaway there. Further, the existence of front turn signal indicators instead of B-pillar semaphore "trafficators" dates it to 1961 or later.

    Had a buddy who kept a 1961 Morris Traveller (station wagon woodie). Helped him covert it to right-hand drive and upgrade the running gear to a 1275cc engine and racing transmission, disc drakes, real wire wheels with knock-off spinners, etc. It was a kick to drive, but I really preferred his 2-door saloon (sedan) for around-town driving.

  3. Rich says:

    Here's a '65 convertible, I recently shot in downtown Chico. Not much change 😉


  4. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Sharkey, Anon, Rich, Thanks for corrections. She must have said 1961, not 1941. Interesting to see this as predecessor to the Mini, which was predecessor to Mini Cooper. Three great little cars.

  5. My parents had a Morris Minor in the 50s. It was a cute little car.

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