Visit From Bill, Athena, & Benito Steen Friday/iPhone Apps

Bill and Athena Steen are authors of The Strawbale House Book, which became a best seller and started the strawbale building movement in North America. The Steens live at the end of a road in the desert south of Tucson (not far from Patagonia, Arizona), a lovely compound of strawbale and adobe structures built of natural materials. I’ve been down there 3 times and this is the 1st time they’ve visited us in California. See their website here: Their work has been featured prominently in our books Home Work and Tiny Homes.

   Bill and I have gone out on a few photo shoots together in Arizona, he with his Nikon, me with my Canon. In recent years Bill has switched to shooting almost everything with his iPhone; he’d told me about it, but this time I got a chance to see it 1st hand. I didn’t even realize that my iPhone had an HDR (high dynamic range) option (if you’re shooting a scene with two sharply different contrasts — like an interior shot of the kitchen, with light streaming in through the windows). HDR takes 2 shots at different exposures and sandwiches them togetherv — right on the iPhone. Voila!

   Bill uses these iPhone apps:

-Photosync to load on to computer

-HDR3 which takes the pic

-Bracket Mode

-True HD

-SnapSeed (which he used to shoot this photo of Lesley and me):

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