Toots in Memphis

Back in the ’80s I knew a guy working in a D.C. reggae record store who’d clue me in on good records. Vinyl. When I first got this I thought Toots was channeling Otis. Plus some Memphis Horns.

Here’s an Amazon review:

Hibbert is widely revered as a reggae pioneer, but he’s also a Caribbean cousin of Otis Redding and Al Green, which he proves on this collection of ’60s and ’70s soul covers. Sly and Robbie anchor the rhythm section of a crack band that also includes guitarist Teenie Hodges and Andrew Love of the Memphis Horns. Together with Hibbert, they reinvent Redding’s “I’ve Got Dreams to Remember,” Green’s “Love and Happiness,” and eight other classics (among them “Hard to Handle,” “It’s a Shame,” and “Freedom Train.”) The result isn’t pure reggae or unadulterated soul, but a hybrid as appealing as both at their best.–Keith Moerer


   Last week I heard Toots doing “It’s You,” such a good song, I love the Itals’ vocal harmonies. Who’s doing vocal harmonies of this quality these days? Here (play the one on the album Pressure Drop).

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    Hey Yah! Don't even think about sittin' still!

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