Step-by-Step Tiny Home Design & Construction

“Hey Lloyd, I recently discovered this blog on the trials and tribs of a small house life from the beginning thru construction to living the life…quite inspirational..unknown if you want to post it or not..just spent the better part of my evening going from one ‘newer post’ to the next…

anyway take care,  enjoyed your 70-ish post…I’m not too far behind you… Mike W

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the beginning blog entry series starts here:

    after that, its..'Newer post's' on down the line until the present..

    Mike W

  2. Just to say that I ordered your new book as a present for Nivaldo and it arrived yesterday. It's just wonderful. He's over the moon! You really are so clever. Thank you for your wonderful blog, which we look at a lot and obviously don't comment on enough. It's very inspiring and original!! Louise

  3. There are many people who want to live in small home where they can design best interior. This above kind of home is nice and i like this kind oh home designs.

  4. thanks for posting our blog on your site!

    in case the link above doesn't work, the homepage is: and there's a link there to start at the beginning and read our entire design, construction, and moving story. or click on our blog page to read the latest.

    we've been living in our tiny house for 6 months now and are loving it! we offer design and construction services, have plans available for sale, and we also offer built dried-in models and fully finished models just like our tiny home. (just contact us via our website)

    take care,
    (Clothesline Tiny Homes)

  5. This blog of yours, is such a good site, educational and great reference for home designers and constructors.

  6. A resourceful blog for home improvement and renovation.

  7. That's a nice place of you; we have been polishing off there. Netty

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