Old School Bus Turned Into A Tiny House

“I was recently sent these photos of an old school bus turned into a tiny house on wheels. The bus was completely remodeled and lined with a beautiful wood interior. It was recently sold to a young couple that has made it their home in the North Cascades.

   While it’s doubtful this bus is good on gas, having the ability to move your home where you’d like and travel with it is very appealing.

   This little home looks so inviting that I could imagine them living in this converted bus long-term.”

-Steven, on Tiny House Listings

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That looks like a pretty nice piece of work. I wonder how the wood stove (and especially the stove pipe) travel? I remember catching a ride back about 1970 with a fellow who had a bus he was converting. It was no where as livable as this one, but he had done one nice thing – cut off the sides about 4 feet in the rear – leaving the rood and floor. That gave him a little rear porch!I don't remember if that was the result of an accident or some other misfortune.

  2. thanks to shareing with us bro

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