Master Carpentry in San Francisco

You just don’t see this level of skill in anything being built nowadays. This is in the Mission District.

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  1. Martin says:

    Yeah, nobody even knows how to do this kind of thing anymore – and if they did, such a place would cost a bezillion $$ to build.

    Brings to mind the Carson house and other 'painted ladies' up north of you in Eureka

  2. There is a great program in Eureka at College of the Redwoods, the HPRT – Historic Preservation and Restoration Technology. They are training people to be able to preserve beauties like this one.
    Blue Ox millwork also teaches lost woodworking skills to teens.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Tim Joe says:

    Not only could I do all that work, I can name for you each of the components involved in the photo. The cool wizardry of that kind of work is each carpenter boss had his own particular style and any one of them could tell you who did which house by looking at the details of construction, and the hidden little signs and trademarks. It was a kind of a signature to a fine piece of art and it today is being done by the young kooks featured here by Lloyd on the Tiny House stuff.

    But it is important to remember, and sadly so, that such places were carefully put together in a time before the phrase "Time is money" came into being.

    But what of that? Today I earn my keep ripping apart rotten trailers inhabited by rodents and junkies. I rip them apart and put them back together with love and craft and whatever the fate of these trailers and their inhabitants, some future carpenter will one day come this way and see my signature. Of that I am certain. It keeps me going.


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