Free Furs From the Roadside

It’s funny that the word weasel is derogatory, because look at this beautiful little creature (found on the road by my friend Brendan). A few weeks ago I skinned him, plus a beautiful fox with bushy tail, stretched and salted the hides, and a week later sent them off to Bucks County Fur in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, to be tanned. They’ll come back via UPS in about 2 months, soft and pliable.

   I now have 3 bobcats, 3 foxes, a bunch of squirrels, 2-3 raccoons, 2 weasels, and 2 skunks, one dappled deer (faun) skin. Maybe time for a coat.

   What strikes me is that these beautiful furs are obtainable anywhere in the country and mostly going to waste. I remember when I found a still-warm bobcat on the road at 6AM a few years ago. It was just stunning. The big paws! The soft fleecy white fur of the belly! No way was I not going to pick it up. Plus there are the skulls to render, which are fascinating.

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  1. Gill says:

    Waste not – Want not.

    A good old friend of mine had a hat made from a racoon pelt, I wore it once, it was one of the warmest hats ever.

    He always got lots of questions/comments when he wore it to fairs and such… to get his wifes goat, he'd tell people it was his cat hat.

    He never let the story go for long, he just liked the raised eyebrows.

  2. Lloyd, I see lots of animals on the road near my home. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend hit a beautiful coyote not too long ago that would have been very nice. Is there a definitive book on the skinning/stretching/salting process?

  3. It's beautiful isn't it?

  4. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Christian, Look up "skinning small animals" on Google. Can also Google books on subject.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Aren't there legal considerations?
    Are you allowed to possess big cats w/o license?

  6. bayrider says:

    That's a great country hobby, definitely helps if you're on the road at 6AM and get first crack at the overnight roadkill!

  7. Tim Joe says:

    While out cycling I see all manner of roadkill. I think the skinning and preserving of the hides somehow offsets the murder of these fine creatures that have fallen victim to people hurtling around in machines they apparently cannot control. Who knows? As an avid cyclist I may one day become road kill myself. I would be honored if you were to skin me and have me tanned. And by all means, render my skull and call me Yorick.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Met a fellow who hit a small bear with his truck – crushed the fender and the bear too. He decided he would at least end take the hide, so got his knife and went to the bear in a ditch – rolled the beast over – it got up and ran away.

    be careful.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is a domestic ferret, some one's escaped pet.

  10. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Nope, not a ferret. It's a long-tailed weasel. See: Or Google long tailed weasel-Images.

  11. Lloyd, do they go for the chickens? I think the whole family is captivating…weasel, mink, ermine, marten, fisher. I'd love to see a fisher in action attacking a porcupine but haven't found a video yet.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Pretty strange looking weasel in California, too be expected? Wanted to send a picture of a Wyoming longtailed weasel, but couldn't figure it out. Saw a mink kill a marmot once pretty gruesome, marmot looked like it had been through a lawn mower.

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