Emergency Shelters

Relevant to my post in getting lost on a stormy night:

Sent: Fri 23/11/12

Subject: Fwd: to Lloyd (emergency shelters)

Hi Lloyd,
I love your blog and read all your posts!!

Here is a good article about emergency shelters.
Read at the bottom about using an orange or blue plastic bag.
You might want to carry one on your waist when on your adventures.


Jerry Young

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  1. since we are talking about emergency shelter,
    not quite pocket sized , but scalable


  2. izzit says:

    i pulled out my cheap folded 'emergency blanket' for a non-emergency situation and was surprised; it was smaller than I expected & it flew off with every breath of air (& no wind), and it was really cold even though it was just cool outside.
    Did some online/Youtube research and got an Adventure Medical bivvy (even though I'm not impressed with their kits). Ultralight hikers said it lasts for more than one use (but still temporary), and a Scottish guy said it was good out on the rainy moors, which is close to my environment. (he adds, "Don't shine your torch in it, or ye'll burn yer eyes out!")It was helpful to watch other people use it, so I have an idea of the size without having to unroll & re-fold it. Hoping I'll have my sleeping bag instead (amazing how small they are now!)

    But here is a story for you about two young intrepid snowboarders who used their heads & what they had, with carefulness, and spent on Mt Rainier with no provisions but no ill effects;

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