3/10″ rain yesterday, we’re up to about 3″ so far this year, about normal, and I hope there’s plenty more to come. The ground in the woods is finally moist. C’mon, mycellia! Creeks are on the rise.

   Cold morning. As I drove south along the coast, Skeeter Davis singing “Are You Ready For the Country?” — “Are you ready for me?” Well, I’m ready for the city, for the Green Festival this weekend,  for some skateboarding (parts of Golden Gate Park closed to traffic on Sundays), for Ocean Beach and Trouble Coffee and photo-stalking.

   I’m studying cars. I realize that I don’t want rear seats, but rather a flat area behind the front seats, like a pickup truck bed. A sedan would work if I could take out the partition to the trunk. (In 1960, my brother and I bought a 1950 Ford 2-door sedan, took out the back seat and partition, put in a mattress, and drove nonstop to Hartford, Connecticut, with 2-hour shifts; then 6 weeks later, drove it non-stop (71 hours) back to SF, and sold it for $200.) VW Passat diesel? I kind of like the Scion XB. One feature in addition to a flat rear area (where sleeping would be possible) is, I’d like is spiffy driving characteristics. In the ’60s I had a Beamer 2002 and it was such a pleasure to drive; I’d go on a long trip shooting photos and arrive feeling fresh. The Prius design looks clunky. I might go for a smaller version of the Rav. The Element is larger than I need.

  This Blentec Über-blender is a life changer for me. This morning I blended up: Kombucha tea, water, fresh pineapple, some grapes, almonds, 2 scoops of chocolate-flavored whey protein powder (50 grams), small chunk of ginger, dandelion greens, 2 small carrots (incl. stalks). A lot of protein, nutrients from raw fresh greens, a bit of ginger spice — plus it tasted great. Yesterday I had a 2-hour interview with a reporter for a Japanese magazine, was rushed for time, threw together a green smoothie, and it gave me instant energy.

   I put together 4 pages for Tiny Homes On the Move yesterday. Will get rolling on it again after the weekend…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you considered the Toyota Matrix?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lloyd, have you looked at the Ford Transit? The cab area has lots of headroom and I believe one of the configurations has no rear seat.

  3. John says:

    I just now realized that 1. Mycelia is the plural of mycelium, and 2. Paul Simon's Cecelia can so easily be turned into a love song for fungus. I learn new things from your blog everyday!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Honda Fit is surprisingly roomy in the back. Very functional, reliable and efficient.

  5. rj says:

    "we're up to about 3" so far this year" Really? Only 3" and it's about normal? How far inland are you?

  6. How about a Dodge Caravan? Like a VW Bus without any of the charm or nostalgic appeal? Take the seats out easy, put em back… There's about a kazillion of them out there….cheap. We drove ours across the country with two teenagers and a 2 year old this summer…it did pretty well…22 mpg. Probably in the "a lot bigger than I need" category. Just a thought…thanks always for the blog! I mentioned your blog in my "just started" blog…

  7. Anonymous says:

    have a look at the kia soul & mazda5.

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