Dylan Got Shelter at Age 4

Dylan Friedman stopped in at our booth at the Green Festival yesterday and said that his Mom had given him Shelter when he was 4 years old. He said he had called it “my picture book,” and it and Winnie the Pooh were his two favorite books. He said he’d looked at the pictures when he was tiny, and built his 1st yurt when he was 21, and was now, as a result of that early inspiration, a green builder in NY.

3 Responses to Dylan Got Shelter at Age 4

  1. What a great reward for you, Lloyd! Touching so many with your written, pictorial voice…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Magic !
    I hope Dylan will pass it on to his children
    let us never forget our childhood's wonders

  3. Anonymous says:

    Meeting Lloyd and getting to chat briefly was one of the high points from the Green Festival! Yes, I will be passing on plenty of my experiences…in April 2013, I will become an uncle and can't wait.

    One small correction, my Yurt project was built in VT, but I am from NY;)
    My building projects of late have taken a more contemporary direction and finish, but my grass roots foundation is extremely strong.

    Thank you Lloyd.
    I appreciate your generosity and have made the new edition books you gave me available in my area to hopefully "inspire" a few more.

    dylanfriedman design

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