SoCal Paradise

Southern California starts just south of San Francisco. Santa Cruz is about 1/3rd LA. Santa Barbara 2/3. Weather warmer. More relaxed. More body in the body/mind ratio. Warmth, water, mellowness make body feel good.

   It’s been 80 degrees at the beach. Good solid swell. Malibu pier this morning a dream, not hideously crowded, everyone getting waves, half the surfers not wearing wetsuits, some v. fancy longboard strutting. I got my first wave at Malibu Colony 58 years ago, and although it’s super crowded now, there are moments like today, sweet spots in time, hallelujah. Air has been smog-free.

   Went for a swim this morning, out to the end of the Malibu pier and back. Water in 60s, clear, green, looks clean. Ah-ah-ah! Wish I’d brought my air mat and fins. This has been a great couple of days.

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  1. Okemah says:

    Apparently, you can't surf on a mat in L.A County (at least Malibu).
    It's considered an "inflatable vessel" or a hazardous craft, or some other bullshit….lame.

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