Small Home on Oregon Island With Living Roof

“A tiny house big on style, mighty where it counts. A small footprint, big use of re-use. Reclaiming, recycling, reinventing but definitely not rehashing. Fresh green design capped off with the freshest of new roofs, moss and green ferns.…” Photos: Lincoln Barbour

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  1. Great post. That house, though small, is perfectly designed to make it livable. With two kids they are all going to learn to get along and be considerate of each other, something that doesn't often happen in a huge house where the kids can disappear into their own room, never to be seen thereafter.

  2. rj says:

    One of the most interesting and possible homes at 540 sqft. Located in Oregon is a big advantage. More detail and pics at tiny-house.

  3. This is exquisite, Lloyd. I could move in tomorrow if someone offered me a place like this.
    Have been trying to figure out how to do a living roof out here on the desert part of the Canadian prairie. Guess I'd have to move home to the BC coast.

  4. jparkes says:

    I've seen this house before and find it's absolutely the most attractive home i can imagine. Perfect for simple folk like me. The blend of century old design and modern refurbishments are seamless here. A home should never overshadow the people who live in it, a home should fill ones needs without excess or vanity. This is the perfect home for me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i love the green design especially the roof above of which there are ferns of the green kind and the fillerup bathtub and the large empty space above the main floor which is empty but that does not have another family living in thus not contributing to the ungreenness and how the person of one table end is cold whilst his opposite fellow is roasted before his eyes in the fire roaring within the stove of greenness. and how the layout evokes what we called in the old country the shotgun shack chic.

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