Skateboard Blues - Hittin the Road Jack

Crash My skateboard falls usually occur when I’m tired, at night or in late afternoon. Tuesday night I was skating, using my Big Kahuna stick. It’s like a pavement paddle, about 6′ long, with a rubber stopper at one end and you use it to scoot along. WELL, I guess it was a eucalyptus pod, my board stopped and I didn’t. Fell backward, landed on wrist and elbow on pavement — pretty intense shoulder pain. There are 2 foremost things in my mind when I fall and am lying there: First, how badly am I hurt? Second, did anyone see me? (hoping not). It’s now a few days later and the shoulder is a bit better. Ah me. I ain’t givin up. Not yet.

Deek Pic is of me and Deek Diedrickson, author of the unique tiny house book, Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts, and Whatever the Heck Else we could Squeeze in Here. Deek’s not only an author, but artist , raconteur, and one of the most active guys in the tiny homes movement. We met for a beer at The Pelican Inn in Muir Beach a few weeks ago.

Music du jour: Mike Auldridge. Album: “Dobro, Blues, & Bluegrass.”

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  1. Glad to hear you're ok Lloyd…. it still hasn't stopped me wanting to give long boarding a go! Thanks for the Deek link.

  2. Lloyd, I took up longboarding about three months ago at the age of 63 (I'm 64 now). Thanks for the inspiration, since you're even older than me! And still longboarding. I too use a Big Stick. And also have taken some falls, but not since I went Big Stick. Here in Oregon we've got acorns and other woody stuff that falls on trails. I just got a 60" bamboo Norgeboard that seems more steady over such obstacles. I also blog about my adventures in longbording. See my "skateboarding" category:

  3. Lloyd, I greatly admire your perseverance and I'm glad to hear you're well. Last year I had a joyous, ecstatic, run of longboarding for about 3 months until I fell/slipped on a sidewalk crack while nonchalantly boarding down the street (i should've known better, yes). I cracked my left hip, went through surgery, and rehab for a few months before returning to "normal" mobility. Nonetheless, I don't dare get on the board again. I'll be 60 next March and i'm in good shape generally – I'd give anything to go longboarding again, but….ah well

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