Gimme Gimme Gimme the Honky Tonk Blues…

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Salut Lloyd,

Last thursday in Paris, the Stones played a secret show at La Trabendo club – it was a short warm-up before their anniversary concert in London.
Only 700 tickets were put on sale, price: 15 euros (19 dollars US).

Some views here.

   French magazine ”Les Inrocks” puts on-line 10 ”chansons oubliées” (forgotten songs): here. Great versions of Country Honk and High Heel Sneakers…

I guess we should be glad they’re still alive, but Mick sure looks weird in the cut from Paris. On the other hand, some absolute gems courtesy of “Les Inrocks.” Jeez, they hold up well.

Early version of Sneakers that I’d nver heard. Crude and perfect.

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  1. bayrider says:

    I googled up Mick's diet and exercise regimen, at 69 he's still as lean as a teenager. Mick does low fat, high carb and grain diet with little alcohol, lots of cardio. That certainly works for him but lately I am doing well on high fat and protein, no carbs, no grains with moderate cardio and bodyweight exercises. Lloyd, I would be interested in your secrets, you are the role model for an aging guy like me, determined to keep on rocking till the end.

    We are a lucky generation for sure, with the knowledge and ability to stay active and healthy 10-20 years longer than previous generations!

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