Expedition Rig For Sale in Colorado

Hi Lloyd, I’m loving your blog. It has helped me slow down and enjoy things I would have passed over before.
I know you’re assembling your new land and water book and can’t wait to see it!

   In the last year I’ve been building and living in my expedition rig which I’ve fashioned using an older trailer that I rebuilt using tiny house techniques. I removed the axle and lifted it onto a big cab-forward truck. My four year old came up with the name MoonBug and it has taken us around for the past year. We’ve been able to climb and enjoy our beautiful southwest using Moonbug.

   I am recently married and my wife has a house that I’ve moved into, so I’m no longer living in MoonBug, but thought it was right up your alley anyway. My wife and I are hoping to have a baby soon so I’m putting the MoonBug up for sale, since there will be four of us, and I know it may strike a chord with some of your readers so I thought you might be able to mention it in your blog.

Here is where I have some pictures of my former home: www.photobucket.com/bigfuso

Mick Longley
Durango, CO/micklongley@gmail.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    UHM..maybe it is just me….grin…
    but .. had a look at the pics of MoonBug…
    For sure it seems these pics are pretty much from a guy's interest…the nuts and bolts, so to speak..

    to appeal to some of the women it might be helpful to include interior detail pics…

  2. Julie says:

    Right on Anonymous! guys….

  3. jparkes says:

    I'm impressed. I have driven those Fuso trucks with 600,000 miles on them, this one has 133,000…if it's been cared for it's just breaking in. The camper…the old style box is kind of endearing actually…the inside looks to have been gutted and redone in modern minimalist style. Steel & wood, with propane and solar appliances…perfect.

    The camper is made to pivot when the truck is on uneven terrain, so those pics where it's leaning…absolutely normal, it's designed to do so. My question, and it's important in the value of such a vehicle, is it truly a four wheel drive? That's a ten thousand dollar question…literally.
    Also, the unloading operation…making that simple and fast only requires money, hydraulic or electric support legs can be purchased or made…some are even self leveling for uneven terrain.

    Most campers will never make it to the beautiful, more remote campsites in a standard RV…
    Bravo, Mick, on project moonbug.

  4. Anonymous says:

    go over to the Expedition Portal site


    they have a forum dedicated just to Mitsu trucks.. also a for sale section for all expo vehicles..great build threads throughout on many different rigs..

    Mike W

  5. Jack says:

    Julie and Anon……It's a guys truck, built by a guy for a guy.What do you want to see, the frilly curtains and matching bedspread? Looks like the perfect Baja surf-mobile to me……btw…there are 57 photos in the album,did you see them all?

  6. Wow, so many comments on my rig – thanks guys! I tried to take out all of my personal touches inside to have more of a blank slate. I'm hoping to take some detail shots of the rear desk and bed setup soon. Honestly, I didn't think LLoyd would throw the pics up so quickly! haha

    The Fuso is not 4×4 and I am having a really hard time justifying the conversion. Reliability and traction are great now and anytime something like a major drivetrain conversion is undertaken it seems to alter the reliability attributes. As it sits it can go everywhere I need it to -the mountains of silverton CO, Mojave washouts and hill climbs, remote trailheads. All the weight on the aired down rear tires creates a huge tank-track-like pattern that floats over most surfaces with just 2 wheel drive.

    If someone was truly interested in the truck and wanted to me to convert it to 4×4 I would be interested in doing that for them. I have nearly all of the parts needed as I was very seriously considering this myself. It could end up being close to $5,000 though.

    My wife loves traveling in MoonBug but she does NOT like driving it. It drives smooth in my opinion but I drive it nearly every day 🙂

    Thanks again for all the interest.


  7. I love this. Wish I could see inside.

  8. Hi Derek, I've updated the photobucket album with a few more interior pics. Let me know what you think!


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