Charlie Musselwhite in Santa Cruz

After the reunion, which I really enjoyed, I went out to Ocean Beach and ran for an hour on the sunny sand. (October is really our best time of the year.) Fiddled around in SF until 10 or so, called my son Will in Santa Cruz (where I was heading for the next day) and asked him who was playing at Moe’s Alley, one of my all time favorite clubs. “Charlie Musselwhite.” Whoo! I hot pedaled it to S. Cruz and caught Charlie’s last 2 numbers, which included Christo Redemptor, and Charlie and band were in fine form. Then Will and I had an beer in another tavern. It’s now, ahem, 3:09 AM and I’m at Ferrell’s 24-hour donut shop with wi-fi and preparing to go sleep in the back of my truck for the few hours until sunrise. I love Santa Cruz for a lot of reasons. I was conceived here. I was a beach lifeguard in the mid-50s. I surfed here when there were no wetsuits and surfing was not crowded. When I was at Stanford, I arranged my classes so I was through for the week at noon onThursday, and would ride my Harley 45 over to SC and stay until Sunday night.

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  1. Annie B. says:

    lloyd, I was lucky enough to have lived in the Northern Santa Cruz Mountains and at the San Mateo Coast for a while , where Santa CRuz was where we did big (beyond Duartes and Artichoke bread) shopping, live music, everything else in our off time as Environmental educator Naturalist. The first day I landed in santa Cruz I knew it was for me. Someday I will continously thru-hike the skyline-to-sea trail as my retirement 🙂 walk to waddell, take the bus into town , go to well within, trader joes,zacharys,acupuncture with katie briggs, music, library…hop back on the bus to boulder creek…hike back to the beach, take pics, do art, write along the way.

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