Back to Beach to Pick Up Surfboard

Got up at 6 this morning, got to Limantour Beach around 7 and started the 2-mile beach trek to pick up my surfboard. For how it got there (I buried it in the sand 2 weeks ago), click here and here. I put my 2-wheel surfboard carrier in a backpack so I wouldn’t have to drag it after me. Here are pics of it. I had marked the spot in the lee of a north/south sand dune with 2 pieces of driftwood. Everythng was as I left it. 2 miles back to truck, enjoying many birds and a few sea lions in surf zone.

3 Responses to Back to Beach to Pick Up Surfboard

  1. so THATS why people carry metal detectors…but instead of metal…they're surfboard detectors.

    Now I'll never go back to the beach the same way again. Imagine all the things people bury in the sand.

  2. Frank Hemming says:

    Hi Lloyd,

    I've recently bought your book on Tiny Homes which was really inspiring.

    This was after my own tiny home project which is here
    and now lived in by Anita's son Cai quite legally as he is still part of her household i.e. he goes to the main house to cook and wash.

    Best wishes


  3. Anonymous says:

    wheely thing seems like a handy gadget…

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