Art Studio in Scottish Highlands

Hello there, greetings from the Highlands of Scotland – I have been meaning to write for the longest time – As an owner of a W.Cooper iron building and an original battered copy of An Illustrated Catalogue Of Goods Manufactured And Supplied By W.Cooper I was deelighted to find a ‘kindred spirit’ who appreciates these simple, beautiful, functional structures. (AND the amazing printed catalogues….)
We also once built and lived in a turf roofed dome, and spent 18 months living in a yurt…but that is another story!
We now live in an old croft house (much more practical…) in the far north of Scotland (Nedd–yes Nedd!)) in Assynt) and run an open art studio from a gypsy caravan. There are some interesting buildings in the Highlands….Many thanks for your books, your inspiration, and for being a totaly decent bloke! kindest reagards, Sara Garnett.

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  1. Hi there Lloyd et al! I'll post a photo of our iron Cooper building on our blog over the weekend….x

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