Publisher Heading Into Non-electronic World

I’m taking off next week on what I plan to be a 7-8 day backpacking trip in local territory. I haven’t done seriously backpacking for decades, so not sure how it will turn out, but it’s a trip I’ve been thinking about for years. Got a 2-1/2 lb tent, titanium pots, beautiful Western Mountaineering sleeping bag, freeze-dried food…equipment I couldn’t have dreamed of back in the 60s with Kelty pack and lots of poundage in Tuolomne Meadows and Big Sur forays.

   I’ll be away from electronics, not to mention electricity, for a week. Paul Wingate used to talk about going to a remote cabin in the woods and getting away from “the 60-cycle hum.”

   I’ve put up posts so there should be one a day while I’m gone. A friend asked yesterday, will you be taking pictures. Ha!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good for you, as always an inspiration!

  2. Lloyd – I hope you've got a comfy mattress ? A good night sleep is invaluable. I got a Thermorest neoair a few season ago – weight 400g and packs up to the size of a beer can ! Changed my whole outfit.
    Hope you have a great time wayfaring.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just talked to a old gent the other day at Crane Flat that packed in and out of Tuolumne meadows back in the 50's. He told me that he bought one of Kelty's frist packs. I guess he was making them in his garage back then.
    Things have changed for the better in backpacking my pack used to be at about 80# now I can get it down to 40# for a one week trip.

    Say hello to the wilderness for me!!

    Have fun,Matt

  4. elisabetta says:

    I don't understand if you are away from electronic devices how can you post here every day while you are backpacking? Somebody is going to do it for you? or you will post them all at once before leaving?

  5. Anonymous says:


    OMG…that sounds WAY too hi tech…GRIN.

    Hope we will have the pleasure of many photos…

    Also, suggestion I lately heard, especially when off adventuring alone… MAKE certain to take something useful for protection, but which can be identified as actually for some common use…. Can of Bear spray…oh officer, i use that to ward off wild dogs…Titanium Mallet — oh officer i use that to pound in my tent pegs..

  6. Good for you. That's why we've kept our cabin a non-electronic zone (for the most part). – Margy

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